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About Us

Before we started DMV UNITED SOCCER CLUB, we were looking for an accessible Soccer Club that wasn’t just for pros—but wasn’t just for fairweather sports fans either—and we couldn’t find one. You see, we’re all athletes at heart, having played little league, high school sports and more, so a mediocre facility just wouldn’t cut it for us—and a pro-field wouldn’t take us without formal backing.
So we made our own. We created a space we could be proud of, that would function as an economic draw for San Francisco, and would make sporting events available for everyone in the community. If you feel like sports are missing from your life, then we can help to get you back in the game.

First Kicks

This program is for ages 5 to 7 years, and has been designed to provide early sports education.
Let's remember that at this age, they play with the ball and the ball plays with them.
  That is why teaching has to be based on fun activities
Recreational Programs
 This program is for U8 - U16 players that have basic knowledge of soccer skills and rules of the game.  The program allows the player to experience the excitement of competition while having fun.

Traveling Competitive Teams

This program is for U10 - U18 players that have a high level skills and clarity about the rules of soccer, therefore they have to have a physical and mental condition at a high level
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